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New or Refresh?

I can design a site with you from a blank page or perhaps your existing site needs a revamp or review - is it slow to load, does it feel in need of a mid-life refresh, perhaps you want a 'mobile' version or the ability to maintain it yourself?

These are sometimes difficult questions for existing site owners. Do you go to the expense of a site redesign from scratch or do you look at a revamp and tidy up of the existing site?

There are of course many factors contributing to this issue and ultimately only you can decide. Perhaps what is needed is a review and test of your site by Steve Gibbon Web Designs where I will formally report on what I have found and offer you some options on the way forward, based on solid facts.

I will offer a fixed price review and report on your existing site in sensible timescales to help you in this process - please contact me for more details.

Some of the issues I will consider (in no specific order) are:

  • Use of CSS vs an aphazard mix of style and content;
  • Standards compliance - cross browser support and 'future proofing';
  • Suitability for today's plethora of different devices.
  • Maintainability of the site;
  • Accessibility;
  • Usability;
  • Readability of the site;
  • Use of imagery and other approaches such as 'Flash';
  • The overall visual impact (or lack of) on a site - its general design;
  • How 'bulletproof' the existing design is?
  • Navigation and clarity of where (as a user) you are;
  • Are the key objectives for the site conveyed to the user?
  • Search Engine visibility - approriate keyword usage of your site;
  • Speed to load;
  • Review the use of a need for scripted code - especially as work arounds or 'hacks'.

If you simply wish me to quote for a new design, structure and content then please don't hesitate to contact me.