Tynedale Hospice at Home Logo and Contact DetailsYou might consider cycling with us for a few miles in the morning or afternoon. Here are a few words of advice to help you plan for such an eventuality (and we hope some of you do):


  • Join us by all means but please consider making a donation as well;
  • We cycle an average of 10 - 12mph (16 - 19kph) in hilly terrain, faster on level ground. A mountain bile will be slower than our road/tourer hybrid bikes for example, unless you are very fit;
  • We cycle an average of 65 miles a day - plan your part of the journey to meet with your levels of fitness;
  • We have defined start and finish places - these are good to plan around;
  • The day will start at 0900 and we aim to be finished before 1700;
  • If you are joining us during the day rather than the start you will need to plan ahead on the above basis;
  • We have a detailed route plan, so if you want to join us, particularly during the latter part of a day, then please contact us so we can arrange to meet you;
  • Half days or a few hours might work best e.g. you can join us at 0900 and cycle with us for a few hours and then cycle back to where you started (perhaps on an alternative route);
  • You need to plan your transport and any accommodation (we have already booked ours);
  • Plan for the weather;
  • We largely use Sustrans routes on minor roads or cycle tracks - excepting one or two short bits we avoid main roads wherever possible - but please wear the right safety gear and be visible;
  • Bring fluids and food for the journey whether you plan to stop anywhere or not - it may be hot (let's hope so!).

Please don't let any of this put you off - we will be delighted if some of you could join us for the day. If there are a lot of you then we may even make some adjustments to our speed!